March 16, 2017 – March Madness Edition

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Flag Notes- March Madness Edition


Well, March came I like a wet blanket instead of a lion, but who cares, weather is getting better and I saw several folks up on the docks today when I was getting some stuff off my boat. Sailing is just around the corner (but my wife says that I’m going around the bend).

Great News- NEW WEBSITE, same old address. Check it out and let us know what you think of it. WWW.LPOYC.ORG Thanks to Brett Sullivan for all the great work. Lots of new features available and more are being added. Cruise around the site and get familiar with it…we will be using it a lot more this season for posting events and club news.

Speaking of club news- Coming up on April 1st – The spring annual meeting (to be held at the Community Center at 1:30…meet new club members, catch up with old friends and members, and learn more about what we have planned for the season. Club business will be conducted, so remember, dues must be up to date to vote at the meeting.

Kickoff weekend for sailing is the 22nd and 23rd of April…On the 22nd, Dave Spencer, from San Juan Sailing Charters returns with more ventures and adventures, this time about sailing the Salish Sea, including the San Juan’s, Straights of Georgia and Gulf Islands. These waters offer picturesque village and resort docks & anchorages to view marine life, BBQ fresh seafood and raft for happy hour. Come learn how you can sail or powerboat your own charter boat or book a cabin on a boat in this unique beautiful marine area. Captain Dave Spencer from San Juan Sailing and Yachting teaches sailing and powerboating. He has guided and explored these waters for more than 30 years. Many of you will remember his travelogue from last year on the San Juan Islands and Inland Passage. Second half of the presentation is a tech talk about sails, asking the question “Is the sail cloth you choose right for your boat and type of sailing you do?” Don Yager, club and Gloat Float sponsor, will be talking about different types of sailcloth, how to determine which is best for your boat, type of sailing you do (racing, cruising, sitting at the dock with a drink), and conditions you sail in, and how the proper selection can enhance the performance of your boat. He will have lots of “hands on goodies” to look at and play with. We’ll have coffee and tea, and snacks there, but if you want to, please bring snacking goodies to share with the group. Last year over 50 folks showed up the travelogue and tech talk.

Sunday the 23rd is the kickoff race for the Spring “Rum Runner” series.
Some new rules will be coming into play for racing this season…David Cohen will be leading a class on the new rules and reintroducing some of the old ones for those of us who have short memories. Class will be April 23rd at the Bitter End clubhouse starting at 8:30 in the morning, followed by the first race of the spring season. For those who want to crew or need crew, show up at Bitter End for the meetings and we’ll get you set up. Crewing is a great way for new sailors to get their feet wet (and depending on the weather, other parts of their bodies), so to speak, and not only learn some of the fundamentals, but be able to get some OJT with seasoned skippers and crews.

For the new members or new sailors, we are also going to have some classes on race starts (for all the new sailors who may be intimidated by the starts or oldies who need practice) on Saturday, June 10th…plan on several practice starts and learning how to get off on the right tack (‘scuse me, starboard tack). We are also planning a couple sailing seminars later on in the season for new sailors or boat owners.

Something new this year- we are setting up a registry for those sailors who need crew, or for those crew who need sailors…just a way to get folks together to go out and sail or race. The address for the registry is We are also working on being able to post on another site- where you can log in and keep up with club activities, including crew needs.

Racing and Cruising calendars are finalized ….They are posted on the website, and I will send out a separate email message with the details, etc. for those of us who like to have a real piece of paper for the bulletin board…I can tell you that we have lots of good things cooked up for the upcoming season on both sides of the house (or boat). We will have some night cruising on Full Moons, a night race, back to ButtonHook, and some other interesting events. Stay Tuned!

Goat Float is coming up sooner than you think…we are looking for sponsors and volunteers to help make this annual regatta a success…contact Steve Dahlstrom to volunteer or let us know about prospective sponsors. Goat Float needs sponsors! Companies need exposure! A perfect match! Think-Restaurants, small business, boat suppliers, realtors, hotels, banks, insurance companies, this list goes on and on! Reach out and help make this a successful regatta.

With the retirement of our long time Race Steward, Bob Moore, LPOYC has a need for a new person or couple to take over duties of starting and recording the races. This is a part-time, paid position, with many benefits! Duties include organizing the fleet for timed starts, recording finish times, and correctly positioning the committee boat. Training available. Races are typically on Sundays during the late spring, summer, and early fall; as well as Wednesday nights during the summer. If you are interested in helping with any or all of these races, contact the Race Committee Chair, Steve Dahlstrom, at

TAKE NOTE: If you have a boat registered in Idaho, there are a couple of extra hoops to jump through this year- you will have to validate your HIN and make sure it conforms with one of three valid Coast Guard approved formats, verify owner(s) information, and you will get a unique identifier for every listed owner of the boat. I tried to get mine done earlier this week on line and ran into several glitches, and finally had to verify by phone with the state Parks and Rec folks. You should have received a letter with the information already, but if you haven’t yet, be prepared.

Reminder, club dues are due at the end of March for members, and if you want to participate in the Spring Series racing, you need to be paid up. You can either pay at any of the events, or fill out the attached membership renewal/ application and send it to Cam Girton, our esteemed Treasurer and we will get you set up.

For those who want membership cards (like traveling boats or just travelers), let me know and I’ll get them printed as soon as I have enough for a batch (need at least 20). If you live out of the area and want a card, please include your “away address” and I’ll send it out.

Speaking of membership cards, that brings up new members to the club: welcome the following folks to the fold-
Mark and Elizabeth Barbour
Mike and Laurie Dixon
Scott and Jessica Morton
Barry Collins (joined late last year)
Richard Lauridsen (joined late last year)

If you have pictures you would like to share or news that you wish to have posted, get the information to Brett Sullivan, our intrepid webmaster in chief…email to: or get them to me and I will pass them on.

If you need a club burgee, get a hold of me. Burgees are $25.00.

And as always, if you have some news to share with the other members of the club, drop me a line … and please put LPOYC in the subject line.

More news will be posted on the site…, so check it out.

May Neptune and Aeolis grant you fair winds and calm seas for your journeys.


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