Harken Announces Special Offer for Goat Float and Junior Sailors

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Harken, a leader in sailing technology, and a Goat Float prize sponsor, has announced a special Goat Float program for junior sailors. We all want the next generation to get involved in sailing, and this is a great way!

Why join? Two reasons: 1. You will become a better sailor. 2. Harken Blockheads is free and earns you free stuff right away! Sign up and Harken will send you a Blockheads kit including decals, a flat whistle, Carbo block magnet, and your unique Blockhead membership card. Down the road, they will be sending members exclusive emails with sailing news, contests, discount promotions, regatta highlights, and more! Embrace your Blockheadedness and join today!

Let everyone know so they can take advantage of this special offer!

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