Wednesday Night “Lake King” – King of the Hill Matchups!

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First Series Sign Up: May 9 to June 13


Time to add a twist to the Wednesday night racing scene. For the first time, this years competition will add a one-to-one matchup tournament. This Swiss style tournament is a modified round-robin arrangement, where boats with similar records are matched up, with the goal of crowning a winner – to be know as the Lake King for the summer.


Here is how it works. The boats are arranged by how they finished in the last series. Top half finishing boats are matched against lower half boats. The next week, boats with similar records are again matched up, until the winner is decided. If you don’t race, you lose. If neither boat races, they both lose. If you win, you score a point. Results are based on overall placing for that night’s race.


Here is an example (the list), based on last years finishing places, of how the fleet would be paired up for week one. This bracket is a preview and subject to change until the tournament is started.


Here is what I need to make this work.


  • If you are on the list, no problem.

  • If you are on the list and will not be racing in the first series, Click Here.

  • If you are not on the list and will be racing in the first series, Click Here.


The pairings will be finalized and announced at the skipper’s meeting prior to the first race on May 9th.


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