Summer No-Wine-ing Series – Winners Named

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Congratulations to Kestrel, Lady of the Lake, and Mischief, for winning the No-Wine-ing Summer Series!

Today’s race was short and relatively quick given the changing wind conditions and smoke on the water. Thank you to everyone who participated in these challenging conditions.

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8 boats on the starting line today. A very interesting race in the White fleet where Epee’ pulled out a 1 second win against Nomad. In the series standings, Mischief and Nomad both had 17 points, but Mischief won two races in the series and gets the tie-breaker over Nomad who had one win. White fleet is where the action is!

This Wednesday evening, August 22, is the next race of evening Series 3. The first race of the Fall Growler series will be next SATURDAY, August 25, skippers meet at MacDonald’s at 9 a.m.

The ratings have been updated and you can check them out by clicking here.

The Challenge Cup is still up for grabs but the summer series winners are leading the way towards the overall championship.


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