Commodore’s Cup to Welcome Guests

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There seems to be quite a bit of interest in allowing non-qualifying boats to participate in our end of season championship regatta – the Commodore’s Cup – sponsored by the Captain’s Wheel.

According to our Sailing Instructions, to qualify to compete for the Commodore’s Cup, a boat must have completed at least three series races, and finish in the top eight of their fleet.
But, we sail because we want people to be engaged in our sport, so this is what I’ve come up with.
Boats can apply to participate by:
(1) filling out the “Add Me to the Fleet” form below,
(2) agreeing their participation is “Just for Fun” and they would not be eligible to win the Cup (sail in the “Guest” division),
(3) paying a fee of $36 (equal to three races), and
(4) agreeing to participate with a LPOYC local rating assigned by the race committee.
Let’s have a wonderful event.

Add Me to the Fleet




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