Sailboats Honored for Season Long Efforts

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The Lake Pend Oreille Yacht Club (LPOYC) concluded its 2018 season with the the last race of the Fall Growler series, the Bob and Jean Moore Race. Twenty-two boats participated in at least one of the twenty-one races held between April and September. Of these, nineteen qualified to participate in the season championship, the Commodore’s Cup, sponsored by the Captain’s Wheel, to be held September 29-30.

Here are the results:

Fall Growler: Red fleet: (1) Forest Bell (Kestrel, J29, 7 pts.), (2) Peter Graves (Ranga Ranga, Viper 640, 10 pts.), (3) Mike Gridley (Raven, J80, 14 pts.). Blue fleet: (1) Kevin Haley (More Fun, Moore 24, 8 pts.), (2) Paul Franz (Lady of the Lake, Capri 25, 9 pts.), (3) Curt Hurley (Poore Decisions, Moore 24, 12 pts.). White fleet: (1) Kevin Marsh (Mischief, Erickson 30+, 9 pts.), (2) Kevin Farrington (Epee’, Tanzer 25, 11 pts.), (3) Steve Irwin (Emerald, Cal 2-25, 13 pts.).

Challenge Cup (Season Champion): Red fleet: (1) Kestrel, 46 pts., (2) Raven, 36 pts., (3) Spirit (Mike Duncan, Hobie 33), 29 pts.; Blue fleet: (1) Lady of the Lake, 24 pts. + tiebreaker, (2) More Fun, 24 pts., (3) Poore Decisions, 8 pts.; White fleet: (1) Mischief, 29 pts., (2) Epee’, 21 pts., (3) Emerald, 16 pts.


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